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1978 Knauf Fiber Glass USA was formed in 1978 when the Knauf family purchased an existing plant in Shelbyville, Indiana

1983 In 1983, the Shelbyville plant doubles its capacity

1988 Knauf opens a second plant in Lanett, Alabama to produce light-density insulation

1990 Knauf opens a third plant in Shelbyville, Indiana, to manufacture pipe insulation

1995 An additional production line is added to the Lanett plant, doubling its capacity

2001 Knauf acquires the European activities of Owens Corning through a joint venture with Alcopor

2002 Early 2002, a new plant in Shasta Lake, California starts production of light-density insulation.

2002 End of 2002, Knauf obtains full ownership over Alcopor thereby acquiring the majority of Owens Corning’s European activities. Company is renamed ‘Knauf Insulation’

2003 Knauf Fiber Glass USA becomes part of Knauf Insulation

2005 Mid 2005, Knauf Insulation purchases Vunizol, a Rock Mineral Wool factory in Surdulica (Serbia)

2006 Early 2006, Knauf Insulation acquires Heraklith, a significant manufacturer of Rock Mineral Wool (6 plants) and Wood Wool (3 plants) and a major player in Central and Eastern Europe

2006 Mid 2006, a new Glass Mineral Wool plant in Krupka (Czech Republic) starts production

2007 Mid 2007, a new Glass Mineral Wool plant in Stupino (Russia) starts production

2007 In September 2007, a new production line for Rock Mineral Wool manufacture opens in Surdulica

2008 In Shelbyville, four production lines are completely rebuilt and the capacity expansion finishes early 2008

2008 Mid 2008, Knauf Insulation acquires Manson Insulation

2009 Beginning of 2009, capacity extension with new product line (L3) dedicated to binderless mineral wool in Skofja Loka (Slovenia) 

2009 Mid 2009, Knauf Insulation’s revolutionary ECOSE® Technology binder is rolled out across all Glass Mineral Wool production

2009 Capacity extension with new Rock Mineral Wool production line in St. Egidien (Germany) in August 2009

2010 New Glass Mineral Wool plant in Lannemezan (France) starts up production

2011 Knauf Insulation acquires a Glass Mineral Wool plant in Eskisehir (Turkey) and another Glass Mineral Wool plant in Tyumen (Russia) to start 
production in 2012 

2012 Visé-based plant becomes the largest glass wool manufacturing site in Europe thanks to the capacity increase

2013 Knauf Insulation acquires the glass wool business of SCHWENK Daemmtechnik GmbH & Co.

2013 Knauf Insulation signs the agreement with Exeed Industries LLC (Abu Dhabi UAE) to acquire a holding Exeed Insulation LLC operating as a joint venture under Knauf Insulation management

2013 New Glass Mineral Wool plant in Tyumen (Russia) starts up production

2014 Knauf Insulation reopens its Lanett plant in Alabama (United States)

2014 Knauf Insulation completes acquisition of Guardian insulation