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Emissions reduction efforts 'to boost green building

News posted on 16.11.2016 on Product Related

The emphasis on increasingly green construction is being driven by the need to cut carbon emissions, a new report has said. 

and the award goes to...

News posted on 27.11.2015 on Company Related and Product Related

Knauf Insulation has been awarded “The Gaia Award 2015 - HVAC″ for the ECOSE Mineral Wool insulation.

How Insulation Impacts Energy Efficiency

News posted on 19.08.2015 on Product Related

The most cost-effective opportunity to make a building more thermally efficient is at the time of design and construction.

Four key areas where insulation supports a more sustainable built environment

News posted on 11.08.2015 on Product Related

Climate change and energy efficiency are major issues and it’s easy to forget the important role that insulation has in delivering a sustainable built environment. Its contribution helps to reduce harmful air pollutants such as carbon monoxide and fine particles, to reduce the costs of heating and cooling a building and to ensure a comfortable indoor climate.

Knauf highlights ECOSE® insulation to meet the sustainability agenda of Qatar’s construction sector

News posted on 04.05.2015 on Company Related and Product Related

As Qatar construction industry embraces sustainability at a time of unprecedented development, adherence to ‘green’ building industry practices has become the norm.

Knauf Exeed Insulation supplies sustainable insulation for Midfield Terminal

News posted on 02.12.2014 on Company Related and Product Related

  Knauf Exeed Insulation has insulated the six storey Midfield Terminal Building at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

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