Mineral Wool Safety

Glasswool & rock mineral wool insulation products have been comprehensively researched, and in 2002 the World Health Organisation concluded that after more than 30 years research, including studies on over 60,000 insulation workers, there is no long term serious risk to health from exposure to insulation fibres.

To further ensure the safety of our products, we changed the formulation of glasswool and rock mineral wool insulation to now use what are known as “bio-soluble fibres”. Insulation fibres are now considered safer than the dust we breathe in every day walking down the street and are not considered to pose any risk to health.

The reason why glasswool and rock mineral wool insulation are so popular is not just because of their excellent thermal and acoustic properties, but because they are durable, performing for the lifetime of the building, and non-combustible. This is because they are made from inert, inorganic mineral fibres.

But this also produces a fibre that is so strong that it can result in mild irritation to the skin during installation. This irritation is mechanical in nature only. There is no evidence of any resulting long term skin irritation once the loose fibres are washed off the skin. Glasswool and rock mineral wool do not cause dermatitis or any other skin conditions. Once installed and left undisturbed there is no fibre release from the products.

Glasswool and rock mineral wool products also do not contain harmful VOC’s – Volatile Organic Compounds; they do not contain any harmful amounts of formaldehyde or other organic chemicals, and no Ozone depleting Products (ODP’s) are used in their manufacture.

Glasswool and rock mineral wool insulation products are not hazardous products and are safe to install and use in your home or in other insulation applications for the life of the home.