IMS Policy Statement

We, KNAUF EXEED INSULATION L.L.C. aim to continually improve all aspects of our business performance. We firmly believe that our performance and deliveries to our clients and in turn responsibility towards society as a whole will have a direct impact on our business.

To achieve these goals we shall consider the following:-

• Identify all hazards and risks to people, clients and the environment
• Keep people, clients and the environment safe and protected.
• Set and review QHSE Objectives on a periodic basis and set further targets for improvement
• Complying with Health, Safety and Environmental, legal and other applicable requirements(Corporate policy and Client HSE)
• Fulfill requirements and expectations of our clients
• Ensure a close working partnership with clients to achieve mutually beneficial goals
• Build and maintain open working relationship with clients, subcontractors, employees and suppliers.
To support this policy, the senior management shall:

• Promote a culture and Ownership of quality, health, safety and environmental responsibility and awareness through leadership, two way communication and training of our employees, suppliers and subcontractors.
• Continually improve HSE by carrying out potential risk assessment, waste minimization and optimized use of resources through three “R” concept(Recovery, Reuse & recycle)
• Maintain an independently monitored QHSE integrated management system.
• Promote improvements through best practice techniques including reviews, inspections and audits to monitor and measure the key performance indicators to demonstrate improved performance.
• Investigate all accidents, incidents, near miss events and non conformances to identify the root cause and implement preventive measures to ensure there are no reoccurrences.
• Provide adequate financial & physical resources to support our QHSE commitments.
To achieve this commitment KNAUF EXEED INSULATION L.L.C. Operates an integrated management system which has been developed in accordance with the requirements various ISO Standards.

General Manager