Eurofins Scientific is an international life sciences company which provides a range of analytical testing services to clients across multiple industries. The Group is number one in the world in the field of environmental laboratory services and one of the global market leaders in agroscience, genomics, discovery pharmacology and central laboratory services.

Eurofins is well known as a leading international provider of VOC emissions testing, capable of analyzing a wide range of products and building materials such as flooring products, adhesives, insulation materials, paints and varnishes. 

Indoor Air Comfort Gold Standard Certificate

EUROFINS Indoor Air Comfort Certificate Gold

It is the broadest standard available today and meets all existing criteria with regards to Indoor Air Quality.

Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Certification programme combines the criteria of mandatory and voluntary product regulation set up by national organizations and private labelling bodies, such as:

  • GUT (except odour testing)
  • Several EU ecolabel criteria
  • Several Blue Angel criteria
  • Several Austrian ecolabel criteria
  • LEED outside North America
  • FEMB standard for sustainable office furniture
  • BREEAM only partly
  • M1 only partly
  • Belgian regulation
  • French regulation, A class (or A+ class for indoor Air Comfort GOLD)
  • German regulation, AgBB
  • Upcoming Lithuanian regulation
  • E1 classification

This classification combines the best available techniques in VOC-measurement together with a strict certification process. Based on expertise on product emission testing, one of the core competencies of Eurofins' laboratory, this standard was created as one way in which Eurofins can contribute to improving indoor air quality and provide security for both industry and end-users.

In addition, as the certification process is based on a continuous process of testing and auditing, it shows not only the current status but also gives reassurance for future compliance as the certified company undergoes a continuous testing and auditing programme.


Insulation in housing is becoming more and more popular all over the world as sustainability and energy-saving become fundamental parts of buildings construction. The materials used must meet the requirements needed to ensure a healthy and safe Indoor Air Quality. Consequently demand is growing for testing of VOC and formaldehyde emissions from insulation materials to ensure this.