The only mineral wool manufacturer in the Middle East with EUCEB Certification

All products manufactured by Knauf Insulation are made of non-classified fibres and are certified by EUCEB.


EUCEB, European Certification Board of Mineral Wool Products -, is a voluntary initiative by the mineral wool industry. It is an independent certification authority that guarantees that products are made of fibres, which comply with the exoneration criteria for carcinogenicity (Note Q) of the Directive 97/69/EC and the Regulation (EC) 1272/2008.

To ensure that fibres comply with the exoneration criteria all tests and supervision procedures are carried out by independent, expert qualified institutions. EUCEB ensures that the producers of mineral wool have put in place self-control measures. The mineral wool producers commit to EUCEB to:

  • supply sampling and analysis reports established by laboratories recognized by EUCEB, proving that the fibres comply with one of the four criteria of exoneration described in Note Q of the Directive 97/69/EC,
  • Be controlled, twice per year, of each production unit by an independent third party recognized by EUCEB (sampling and conformity to the initial chemical composition),
  • Put in place procedures of internal self-control in each production unit.

 Knauf Insulation is the only certified mineral wool manufacturer in the Middle East with the EUCEB certification.