Knauf Insulation Products

Recognizing that the Middle East has unique climatic conditions and therefore specific insulation requirements, Knauf Insulation provides a range of  insulation products to suit local construction methods and proven solutions to provide comfort and energy efficiency in buildings. Our range of insulation materials are designed by our insulation experts in the UAE specifically for applications across the GCC region inlcuding acoustic insulation, ceiling insulation, facade insulation, cavity wall insulation, steel structure insulation, factory insulation, soffit insulation, duct wrap, duct liner and pipe insulation. Long term, equal value partnerships with our customers are an important part of our approach. With continual advancements in regulations for energy efficiency, acoustic performance, fire resistance and sustainable building materials, we are constantly enhancing our product range.

Facade, Wall & Soffit Insulation Solutions

Steel Structure Building Insulation Solutions

Acoustic Partitions, Separation Floors & Ceilings

HVAC Insulation Solutions

OEM Insulation Solutions